Mike and Madeline

Mike and Madeline - she's a day old. He's significantly older.


Madeline in her baptismal gown.

Jelly Face

"Anyone have a napkin?"

Ethan Mowing

Ethan helping mow the lawn.

2 guys and a gal

2 guys, a girl and no pizza place.


"Are we going for a ride, Dad?"

Maddy Dress

Such a little lady...


Two girls, a guy, and a high school diploma! Congrats, Bryan!


A recent photo of Nickolas

Ethan Donut

"No, you can't have any of my Krispy Kreme donut!"

Madeline two months post op...our miracle baby.

Like father, like son.

Ethan and Madeline mug for the camera.

Last updated November 17, 2002

More photos coming...